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Bruce Thomas has a career spanning three decades and is equally at home playing leading men and villains, in both comedy, and drama. He got his start in the cult classic Army Of Darkness in 1992. Then it was on to the soap world with a contract role on All My Children opposite Susan Lucci. His big break came with the smash hit Legally Blonde and it's sequel LegallyBlonde2:Red, White and Blonde as the memorable "UPS Guy". He followed that with Kyle XY, An original ABC Family series where he played the father of the family, "Steven Trager". Next came The Farrelly Brother's film Hall Pass, All the while, playing dozens of guest stars in series like, Weeds, Beverly Hills 90210Wings, Desperate HousewivesStar Trek  EnterpriseFaking ItCSI MiamiNCISNCISLA, and Bones.

More recently, he has added Voice work to his repertoire, providing characters in Halo 4 (Interrogator), Gears Of War Judgement (Col. Ezra Loomis), multiple characters in

Fallout 4, and the animated

projects, Justice League WarJustice League: Gods and MonstersSon Of BatmanBeware Of Batman, and Netflix's Turbo F.A.S.T.

DC Comics cast him as Batman in three years worth of Onstar commercials as the Dark Knight in the early 2000's. He performs all the motion capture for the lead character "Master Chief" in the Halo franchise.

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